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When building motor packages endless hours have been spent on R/D to confirm that each package is strong, capable and reliable. Here at Iantomasi we've dedicated our lives to racing and ever since the begining we have always obsessed about making more and better types of power. Over our career we have been able to go out and set multiple records and win championships while transfering everything we know and build directly to our customers to put them in the winners circle. We build cross platform engines in all classes which really speaks to our diversity when it comes to engine packages. We have solidified our name in the drag race scene by building some of the worlds most powerfull class engines for more than 2 decades.

Engine Packages

From inception to completion

The Idea
Step 1

We start with the engine displacement that you choose to run. With many years of experience, we choose a combination of bore, stroke, compression ratio, rod length and crankcase compression. All of this is withing the race class specification guidlines, that suits the engine package.

Machining and Hand Work
Step 2

We move onto the build. Machining the case and heads, porting, crankshaft stroking, crankshaft build, cylinder re sleeve and carb boring. Then we put it all together to confirm port timing. When we are happy that all is to spec, everything comes back apart, we seal it up and put it pack together.

Making Power
Step 3

The engine is now hooked up to a cool down cart to confirm that there are no leaks. We static time the motor, roughly calibrate carburation, then start that baby up. Now we use the timing light and 02 sensors to get a base line for our first dyno pull. Then we move onto race pipes looking at stinger diameter, header length and adjusting until we make the most possible power and torque we can for each package.