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Whats new around here

June 2nd | 2021 | Aaron Pelley Visits ITNT

Grass racing is right around the corner and we got the chance to spend some time with a friend and fellow racer Aaron Pelley.

With some of the summer racing events already underway, Aaron wanted to have his motor freshened up and spend a few days on the dyno trying out some more combinations to make sure he is more than equiped at the race track this summer.

We spent the better part of 3 days focusing on the right combination for Aaron's 800 Ski doo stroker. Aaron got to experience first hand what our processes are like at our facility and turn some wrenches himself. It was great having him with us for a few days. We wish him the best of luck this up coming season.

May 15th | 2021 | EFI Packages Available

With Summer racing upon us, Iantomasi/Fueltech EFI Packages are available. We have been busy testing and assembling our new ITNT throttle bodies and getting kits out the door.

Through all of the testing that has gone one we are very happy with the response we have gotten with these packages. We are going to continue to develop our EFI program and push the limits of where this setup can go.

The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless, we are looking forward to further development of out engine and efi packages.


We have spent the better part of the new year working on some of our very own throttle bodies. we have pretty much settled up on our design and flow tested them to make sure we are ready for production.

We have flowed them and we are very pleased with the increase in flow from some of the aftermarket carbs out there. We are ready to move onto the dyno stages and further our EFI program.

Stay tuned for more information and engine packages.

March 23rd | 2021 | 1000 / 800 Base MAp Tuning with FuelTech

We have spent a lot of hours developing our EFI Race packages using the FuelTech System. This all in one ECU allows us to control every aspect of The Ignition Timing and EFI side of the engine management system.

We have done a absolute ton of dyno testing both on the engine and chassis dyno to make sure that our fuel mapping is where it needs to be to get the most out of the system.

January 31st | 2021 | 77 Xtreme takes on fueltech

Dave Corey and our friends with the 77 Xtreme Racing team are busy putting in the time to make the transition to run FuelTech as their ignition system on their Iantomasi powered 4 cylinder engine package. A great engine management system and cost effective ECU.

The guys have been plugging away on a new build they will be racing this upcoming grass season. They are in the testing stages making some test passes and getting the sled dialed in to give everyone a run for their money! We wish the boys all the best with their new setup!

January 23rd | 2021 | FuelTech vs MSD Ignitions with EFI

We are working on getting some new tech out there on our 2 stroke builds and we decided to do a comparison between 3 different combinations. Ignitions and carbs vs EFI.

#1 msd ignition / 48x58 carburetors
#2 FuelTech ignition / 48x58 carburetors
#3 FuelTech ignition with EFI 50mm throttle bodies

Spending the time on doing a comparison like this shows that there are some big gains and differences between combinations. The purpose of the comparison was to compare ignitions from 2 great manufacturers and to compare carburetors vs EFI. The HP numbers where not our focus for this, we wanted to make sure that the motor and setup ran as as they should and tried to have the best comparison for it to be fair.

You also have to keep in mind the size of carburetor vs throttle body being used. For this test we set the system up on a twin cat 800 we built last year and used the same timing curve. The only different swapping out the hardware and a little bit of tuning on each setup to get something close. In no way, shape or form are we knocking the MSD product at all, we would stand behind either company and support both for what they have to offer. There are always advantages to both ways of doing things.

As we progress on new builds we will be setting up some of the new Iantomasi TNT motors with FuelTech stand alone and EFI packages.

January 15th | 2021 | JET Racing current record holder

With winter upon us and the lakes making ice we can only hope with this crazy world we get a little ice racing / radar runs in 2021. JET racing is the current record holder in the Mod 1000-1249cc Full Body @ 153.0 mph running an Iantomasi 1050 cc Engine Package.

They are also running our 700 engine packages and the current record holders in the 700 Open and 700 Improver classes. We wish Jamie and the JET racing team the best of luck in the upcoming 2021 races.

NBSSR Records

January 5th | 2021 | 850 Polaris Head development

Something new we have been working on is a domed insert for a stock polaris 850 head that can be cut out. We played around on the 2021 850 polaris with our head design and there is some HP on the table with an insert.

We are still working on to develope this more and also looking into altering a stock head with out and insert. For the trail guy looking for a little more HP this winter, this is another great option.

December 13th | 2020 | pipe development

Over the past few months we have been able to test numerous sets of pipes to make sure that we are matching up the best possible pipe with our engine packages. In some cases we do modify the pipe to work better with what we have going on motor wise.

We are fortunate enough to have been able to spend some time on the dyno and try new combinations/old combinations and focus on small improvements to make the overall improvement a better race package. Our goal is to also make sure that the pipe matches the characteristics of the motor and at the end of the day is a good all round and reliable choice.

December 1st | 2020 | FuelTech has arrived

We are excited to announce becoming a dealer with FuelTech. We are very excited to use some of the worlds best engine management systems with our projects we have on the go.  Being able to make it easier at the race track to make a change in between rounds and the ease of use it key.

Having the Gauge and ECU built in as one unit  makes for a very cost effective solution to after market ignitions with all the drag race features. FuelTech ECU's are a total solution offering datalogging, Timing control, EFI control and Wheelie Control with built in G meter.

Adding new technology to our 2 stroke engine packages is something we are going to really explore moving forward. Contact the shop for inquiries.

FuelTech ECU comparisson chart

November 25th | 2020 | Polaris 800 Stroker

Well ..... after a few different versions of this motor, we are happy to say we have a freaking monster on our hands here. Absolutley huge power and torque. We cant wait to see this one make its way down a race track!

We tried a few different combinations before we settled on this particular setup. We started with our Bore/Stroke combination we wanted to use, then we moved to machining the bottom end of the motor with 3 different case styles. We ported the cylinders and then reported them after making a few dyno pulls, while going with one of our Iantomasi TNT power domes we knew would work with the particular setup. After playing around with some ignition stuff we tried multiple sets of pipes to make sure we have the best possible pipe to match our motor.

In the end we are more than happy with how this engine package turned out!

November 21st | 2020 | Flow Bench Testing

Having the proper intake and carburetor makes a big difference in your engines performance. We have picked up a flow bench to test different intake systems and carburetor combinations. Using a flow bench, it allows us to measure airflow accuratley, repeatable and fast.

We can test all makes of carburators and different styles of intake manifolds. This is going to help with knowing what your carburetors flow CFM wise, allowing you to compare them to another set. We are looking forward to testing different makes and models.

September 30th | 2020 | Dan fisher breaks records on the asphalt

We would like to say a big congratulations to Dan Fisher on his highly successful 2020 asphalt racing season going undefeated and never loosing a round, while breaking records along the way. Dan's best pass this season was a 5.36 ET

We cant say enough about how Dan handles himself on and off the race track and we are very pleased to see our new Iantomasi 800 Ski Doo Stroker engine package running strong and upfront. This was our first opportunity to work with dan and we are happy with the partnership. We wish Dan all the best in the upcoming 2021 Season on the asphalt and the grass.

Click here to watch Dans 5.39 ET pass

July 28th | 2020 | billet heads

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new billet one piece heads for Ski Doo 780/809 based motors and Polaris XCR 800 motors. These one piece billet heads are the perfect solution for strength with built in torque mounts.

The biggest advantage of our heads is the Iantomasi TNT power domes. Having done extensive R/D trying multiple combinations with pockets styles, compression ratios and squish bands. This has allowed us to come up with an insert we know works well. The heads are available for stroker and non stroke motors. Check out a video on them by clicking on the link bellow.

Click here to view our video on youtube

July 7th | 2020 | aftermarket flywheel

We are now offering a ski doo fly wheel option for after market ignitions. These fly wheels are fully adjustable for changing of static timing. Fully compatible with MSD ignitions and other aftermarket ignition which use a magnet system.

Contact the shop for inquiries

June 29th | 2020 | Arctic cat billet cylinders

We have been working to develope a billet cylinder option for the arcticat 1000+ racers out there. It is something that we have been thinking of for a while now. At this time we are in the design stages of them. We are looking forward to building a cat and having all 3 brand option available for the track.

June 9th | 2020 | Polaris Exhaust Valve billet cylinders

Brand new product available for us. With the monster polaris we ran almost 20 years ago now in sandcast form, it was time! We have made a billet version of cylinders but added exhaust valves. With the big success we have with our ski doo motors it was only a matter of time before we brought this line of cylinder over to polaris.

These are made for a storm base with our cylinder / sleeve design. We have a few builds coming up in the new year with these and we are looking forward to getting to spend some time on the dyno with them. Keep checking back for dyno updates

October 25th | 2019 | Featured with amsoil @ TISS

The guys from amsoil asked us if we would be interested in having our pro stock 1000 on display at this years 2019 Toronto International Snowmobile show, how could we say no. The guys were nice enough to pickup and setup our sled up in the amsoil booth with a nice stats banner for most of the 2019 season they had made up

We would like to thank Rob for the opportunity to be apart of the amsoil team and their continued support. This is what its all about, great friends and partnerships.

October 13th | 2019 | Pro stock 800 / 1000 championship series winners

What a ride it has been for the 2019 grass drag season. Battling every weekend with some of the toughest competitors in the field, 25-30 sleds per class going round after round. We managed to wrap things up with a few races in hand which allowed us to really soak in and enjoy what had been achieved.

We couldnt have done what we did with out the guys on our team, everyone has a roll to play at the track to make sure things run smoothly and go without a hiccup. We couldnt be happier with how we wrapped up a great 2019 season.

Race Team: Gerry Iantomasi, Flavio Iantomasi, Roy McGregor, Geoffe Goode, Greg Goode, Gerry Iantomasi, Rob Iantomasi, Joey Iantomasi, Ray Dallas, Garette Goode

October 13th | 2018 | Pro stock 800 world record 4.52 ET @ 108.69 MPH

Last race of the 2018 season and we had nothing to loose. We showed up to Seneca Falls Super Track for the Harpoon Top Gun 500 ready to go. We spent the week prior going over every nut and bolt and chassis dynoing until we were satisfied.

We rolled in on friday night to pouring rain and got rained out for saturday, everyone hung around and racing began first thing on sunday morning. First pass right of the trailer we were able to capture the heat win while setting a new pro stock 800 record on the grass running a 4.52 ET @ 108.69 MPH.

All the R and D had paid off and this would set us up for what would become a unforgetable 2019 grass drag season.

July 28th | 2018 | Ski Doo 800 Stroker

Just a little update on the new pro stock 800 stroker motor that we are working on for this upcoming grass drag season. We have switched things up from our usual stock ignition which we have been very successful with.

Its time to move to an aftermarket ignition system. We will be running an MSD Digital 7, we feel its time to really utilize some of the features to help with the engine management capabilities of an after market ignition.

We have also added some new pipes we have been playing around with into the mix. We are almost ready to field test this combination. Stay tuned for more updates on this engine package.