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Our history

Iantomasi Track N Trail

Over 30 years ago Gerry and Flavio started out in their parents garage tuning Yamaha Phazers and racing at local snowmobile club grass drag events for a fun way to get the guys together on weekends. Their NEED for SPEED and love of the sport turned into a full fledged race team, machine shop and custom snowmobile engine line.

Iantomasi's #408 race team have won countless snowmobile clubs grass drag Series Finals, Top Gun Shoot Outs and Hay Days events breaking and setting many world records along the way.

The main focus at Iantomasi TNT is to continue to design and develop our engines. We are always researching new ways to provide better power efficiency and develop even stronger motor packages.

Iantomasi TNT

research & developement

30 years of experience

We believe innovation is key to developing new products and improving existing ones. This is what has helped us create the power behind our engines. We are constantly creating new combinations and testing them in the shop before they are ready to go to the track.

We have field tested many of our engine packages to further understand the operation of that engine and we transfer this knowledge directly to our customers.

When a .100th of a second is the difference between winning and losing we have got you covered. We understand that making that magic pass is a hard thing to achieve every time and thats why we are always available for technical support. We are proud to see our customers in the WINNERS CIRCLE!

Countless hours of testing

At our shop we spend hours upon hours testing different engine combinations to figure out what works from engine to engine. We work on cross brand engines and this is where testing is key. Just because one engine reacts to a certain design, that does not mean another brand will.

We operate a Stuska Engine dyno which is capable of handling high horse power / high torque snowmobile engines. We are able to see not only the amount of power they make, but where they make power. Knowing where the power is made is critical to ensure that the clutching will keep the sled in the power band and continue accelerating. The dyno also allows us the get a baseline tune for fueling and timing for the engine.

We are a call away

Feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your needs 905 263 4868